Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Today, mission is from everywhere to everywhere and within that, we have a particular concern for the difficult mission field of Europe. Our vision is to mobilise a mission force for Europe.

Our team is aware that God is raising up many young missionaries within Europe and has sent many missionaries to Europe from other continents. We believe it is vital to train both home grown and recently arrived missionaries together.

The particular difficulty of Europe requires an innovative approach to mission, practical in its orientation and with quality at its heart. For that reason all those who deliver our courses are practitioners, deeply involved in the task of building the church. Many of our lecturers are also church planters.

Mission is always about partnership and that involves building quality relationships with partners and students. Partnerships are particularly expressed in the many placements that our students undertake. We love to follow the stories of our students beyond their graduation and many of our products and events resource our students in ongoing ministry.

Our desire is to see a renewed church and a changed world. ForMission’s offering of quality training and education, practical and local in nature is already helping to achieve such an outcome, preparing people like you who are passionate about mission.


Martin Robinson


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