MA Programme

MA Programme

All Students take 2 core modules in Missional Leadership as a foundation, they then choose elective modules depending on the pathway they choose.

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Missional Leadership

The Church in the West is undergoing profound change as it adjusts to a new context for mission. Many leaders in churches and faith-based organisations have been initially trained in the skills of managing the internal life of a church/organisation. Missional leadership implies leading the church in external mission activity beyond the church community. This pathway seeks to equip a new type of Christian leader who can pursue these challenges for mission.

Within this pathway, students will develop the key skills and capacities required to lead churches into an engagement with their local communities and contexts, and they will explore what is distinctive about faith communities nurtured by the Christian narrative and how such communities can be formed in practice.

Modules in:

Core Modules (all students complete)

Contemporary Culture & Mission (ML1) 

Missional Leadership Theory & Practice (ML2) 

Elective Modules:

Engaging Our Local Context for Mission (ML3)

Forming Communities for Mission (ML4)

Cross-Cultural Mission

Throughout much of the Western world there has been rapid growth in churches based around ethnic identities. Many of those churches have a real desire and passion to reach out not only to the indigenous populations but also to other ethnic groups, but often do not have the tools to do so.

This pathway helps equip leaders to understand the key issues that need to be addressed to successfully take their churches across cultural boundaries, which will include engaging with issues around migration, post-colonialism, globalisation, ethnic identities and mission from the Global South into the UK and Western world.

Elective Modules:

Migration & Mission (CM3)

Cross Cultural Ministry & Community (CM4)

Urban Mission

The world has rapidly changed and is challenging the very nature of Christian faith and mission as we know it. In 1800 only 3% of people lived in cities, but now more than half of all humans live in urban areas with over one third facing severe urban poverty. Increased disparity, diversity and density of living are global phenomena and areas of urban deprivation and poverty are especially complex places.

To make a long-term impact requires a resilient and thoughtful theology and spirituality as well as innovative skills and frameworks for effective, sustainable responses. This pathway is designed to better connect, prepare and equip urban Christian leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs.

Elective Modules: 

Urban Contexts, Vision & Spirituality (UM3)

Urban Theology, Community & Praxis (UM4)

Mission Spirituality

Today more and more missional practitioners are recognising that mission and spirituality are inseparable, and that the love of God and love of our neighbour go hand-in-hand; ‘what we do with God in the world’ (mission) and ‘who we become as we work with God’ (spirituality) are two sides of same coin.

This pathway seeks to deepen missional leadership by exploring the why, the how, and the what of a spirituality of missional engagement. If you want to deepen your missional practice with a spirituality that is both sustaining and sustainable, this pathway is for you.

Elective Modules:

Spirituality & Mission Context (MS3)

Forming Communities of Practice (MS4)

Programme Aims

This programme aims to equip those in leadership in Christian churches and organisations with the ability to develop appropriate approaches to missional practice and leadership in post-Christendom societies.

How The Course Works

We aim to advance students’ knowledge and critical understanding of contemporary issues in mission, drawing on missiology, sociology, psychology, leadership studies, theology and biblical studies.

The taught module assessments and the dissertation module offer students opportunities to develop their particular interests in these fields, and the skills of independent study and research in a discipline of their choice.

Who Is The Course Aimed At?

The programme is aimed at a wide range of students who are in some form of Christian ministry within churches, mission agencies or community projects. 

Students can take the course part-time (over 3 years – September or January entry).

Our part-time course is offered at a number of campuses.

Access to MA

We also offer an Access to MA, offering supported study to prepare potential students to start the MA programme. More information here.


Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are validated by York St John University, and as a provider of Higher Education we are also monitored on a regular basis by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education to make sure we are working to the right standards.

 Our Students say…

Clive Orchard“It has stimulated my thinking and helped me reassess my approach to church & mission. I’ve met some great people and thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who would value the space to update themselves on what God is saying to them about engaging with today’s world.”

Clive Orchard, Self-employed decorator, helping with Simply and supporting Pioneer Connexion, the Methodist Church/Pioneer Network partnership


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