BA Programme

BA Programme

BA Honours in Theology and Mission

Top-Up Honours in Theology and Mission

Foundation Degree in Theology and Mission

Undergraduate Programme Leader: Rev Dr Andrew Hardy

Programme Aims

This programme delivers high quality cutting-edge effective missional education and training. It achieves this by providing participants with courses exploring the latest thinking regarding mission studies and missional leadership. It equips emerging missional leaders to work more effectively in placements by experimentally applying theory to practice. Our undergraduate study programme is focused on missional and biblical theology, with practical application for your chosen placement or training context.

Course Structure

The course combines theological and biblical study with a mission emphasis and practical work experience. You will gain an understanding of missional theology and explore the foundations of Christian belief, practice and missional ministry within your chosen placement or training context.

The course is split into three aspects:

  1. Class time – 1-2 days a week at a local campus, for teaching, facilitation and cluster time
  2. Placement – working for at least 13 hours a week in a placement/training context
  3. Private study – 1-2 days a week

In order to create a new mindset for mission, the course facilitates creative interplay between personal learning packs, student learning groups, written assignments, placement tasks and coaching support.

  • Learning Packs: Students are supplied with all the materials that are needed via Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment). They use this to prepare for participation in a local Learning Centre.
  • Student Groups: An exploration of the learning materials happens once a week at a series of tutorials at a local Learning Centre.
  • Assignments: Each module has written assignments that contribute 70% of a module’s final assessment, and oral class presentations/debates are sometimes used for grading purposes along with essays.
  • Placement Tasks: Each module also provides students with placement tasks to be fulfilled in a ministry context.
  • Regular Coaching: Students meet a coach weekly for general support. Three times a term individual progression with placement tasks are assessed. Work place assessment, including an electronic journal, contributes to the remaining 30% of the assessment for each module.

All of our courses are built on five important formation personal development foundations:

  1. Spiritual Formation: helping participants to develop spiritual practices that enable them to discern God’s mission
  2. Missional Formation: learning the key ideas and skills needed to equip the church for God’s mission through the missional leader
  3. Ministry Formation: developing the character of Christ the disciple-maker – becoming like Christ the missional leader par excellence
  4. Personal Formation: developing the interpersonal communication skills which make it possible for people to respond well to your leadership style
  5. Intellectual Formation: learning cutting edge theories which can be tested in the placement context

 The course combines theological and biblical study with a mission emphasis. It is built around four streams:

Biblical Studies: Enables students to reflect on the Bible from a missional point of view, as it is applied to a variety of situations.

Theology: Equips students to theologically reflect on the beliefs and practices of their churches or organisations, as well as helping you apply missional theology to your ministry situation.

Mission: Provides an overview of the history of mission in the West, which sets the scene for the current missional challenges the church faces in reaching people groups for Christ. It enables the student to practically research the communities they wish to work among so that they can do so in ways that are relevant to them.

Electives/Optional modules: A range of elective modules are offered, allowing students to specialise in an area that interests them. Optional subjects include Pastoral Counselling, Missional Media, Youth Ministry and Missional Ministry amongst others. The availability of optional modules is dependant on student numbers.

See the complete list of BA Electives/Optional Modules

What graduates go on to do?

Many of our recent graduates are working for churches and parachurch organisations. Examples include:

  • Pastor for young adults at a church
  • Founding a charity doing community work in a Muslim neighbourhood
  • Youth work for a diocese
  • Master’s level ministerial study with ordination
  • Youth pastor at a church
  • Working with the Bible society
  • Teacher Training
  • Community development work
  • Planting church in northern England
  • Chaplaincy work
  • Working for a Christian TV channel


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